Thriving needs smart thinking, strong motivation and a driving desire to live a more purposeful life. Take our Quiz & discover if your thinking is helping or hindering you be all you can.


At the School of Modern Psychology we help people think smarter, be more motivated and live on purpose. Our courses and blog will help you use Modern Psychology at work and in your private life.

What Others Say About the School of Modern Psychology

"A pivot point in my life. There was me before meeting Barbara from the School of Modern Psychology - and then there's me now. More open. More engaged. More productive. More happy." Terry B. Melbourne

"Professional help at a time in my life when I needed to find my way. Thank you. The mix of learning and guidance gave me a balanced view." M.D. Canada

"I think my brain has changed! For the good. Barbara's creative insights into problem solving are unique. From finding themes to mapping solutions - I now see 'problems' from a whole different perspectice." Sue, London