Dear Future You,

May I be honest with you?

Because there’s something I sense you need to hear…

If you're reading this, then you're thinking about making a positive change in your life.

And you and I know that change isn't always easy.

It never is ...

... Unless you have someone by your side who's been there and has the skills to guide you safely through this state you're experiencing.

If you're feeling ready to let go of the past and embrace a new future - then you're in the right place.

You're here because you're fed up with feeling like crap.

I get it.

You're probably tired of the old ups-and-downs that feel as if life's going nowhere and you want to make better choices. Ones that bring positive changes that see you making smarter decisions.

Yet deep down you sense that taking a leap to create change, might not work.

You've probably tried before ... and found that old patterns can be hard to break.

But you're here. You're ready this time in a way that wasn't possible before.

You're in a new stage of life.

One that's feeling stronger. More hopeful. One where you can trust yourself to move forward in a positive way.

But ...

There's one thing missing ... (more about this soon)

barbara Grace.

barbara Grace.

I know this journey you're on. And because of this, I want to share a personal story with you ...

I was once pretty low. That's an understatement - I was depressed. 

When my son was about 9, I'd take him to school in the morning, then drive home. I'd crawl back into bed hoping I'd sleep through the day so I didn't have to live with how I felt.

I was miserable. I felt soooo tired. I didn't know how to break this cycle. I felt overwhelmed with thinking about what I could do that I ended up doing nothing. It all felt just too much to cope with.

I wanted to bury myself so I didn't have to think or feel - so sleep offered that reprieve. 

At 3pm I'd get out of bed, drive back to the school and pick up my son.

When I got home I'd drink alcohol to numb how I felt.

These were tough times that I wasn't sure I'd move past.

You see, I was in a difficult marriage. I felt I had nowhere to turn, so I shut myself down, couldn't think straight and felt nothing - the person I was seemed to have disappeared.


Life changed when I met the right person who pointed me in a more positive direction. It was a wise person who taught me some solid life principles and helped me see a way forward.

And while this was a starting point, things changed when I said "Yes" to myself. Yes to regaining my courage, strength, independence and the motivation to 'choose me' instead of standing by watching myself sink further with each passing day.

With each step I started sensing a renewal. Slowly at first as I took 'baby steps'.

And then I began to sense a glimmer of the old confidence return. With this tiny glimmer, I knew there was hope.

Today I'm proud of myself. I don't mean that in an egotistical way. I'm proud of taking those first steps. 

And I want you to be proud of yourself as well.

Everyone has challenges. It's what we do with those challenges that builds our character. My challenges led me to doing the work I do today - working with and caring for others through courses that help re-focus how you manage daily challenges and 1:1 private sessions designed to close the gap between how you want to live and your current reality.

It's in what you do to overcome challenges that makes the difference between staying a victim or choosing to write the next chapter of your journey in a way that places you as the 'hero' of your story.

You may not feel like a hero at the moment - but trust me - you will.

And today could be the first step you take in this direction.

I know this takes courage.

You may not feel like you have this ... yet.

If you're still reading, then I know you will have it.

You can gain the courage to say "Yes" to yourself and the confidence to carry through.

Here's an insider's tip that few understand:

"Most people who create change and take the first steps discover they already have the embryonic seeds of courage within - they simply needed to reconnect with it."

What you need now is encouragement and support to grow.

AND ...

The skills to manage difficult emotions and thoughts that are keeping you stuck.

Here's an example of what I mean - it's called resilience.

A stem from a small plant in my garden had broken off a couple of months ago. I thought it might 'take' if I put it in water. It's been sitting on a window ledge for a couple of months now. Yet each day when I checked it, it looked a little more withered. Once a week I'd hopefully lift the stem out of the water to see if any small roots had grown.

6 weeks later - nothing.

The only thing to have changed was the once green stem was now a strange black color. I thought the cutting must be rotting.

I left it for a bit longer - unsure of whether to persevere. And just when I was ready to toss it in the compost I looked closely and noticed two tiny white roots.

And just like life - when you feel ready to give up, as if nothing will change - a glimmer of hope appears.


And that's what I'm hoping you're feeling now.

That a glimmer of possibility could be breaking through into your life.

This program could be the glimmer of hope you're looking for.

The beginning of a new chapter that places your hopes and dreams front and center.

As you're here reading this, wondering if this program is for you, then you most likely sense that a stronger and more courageous version of you is possible.

All it takes are two things:

  1. The desire to change.
  2. And the right skills and support.

Skills such as:

  1. Knowing how to manage challenging emotions when they arise (everyone has challenging moments and emotions - the difference is knowing how to ease them).
  2. Specific tools to notice unhealthy thoughts and then release them. Our minds generate thoughts - that's their job. Some thoughts are healthy and helpful. Some thoughts drag us back to times which are unpleasant and have the power to hold us back.
  3. It's in noticing your emotions and knowing they won't last forever that builds hope - when you're feeling as if your chest will always feel tight and your stomach in knots - hold onto the fact that this will pass. And just like a bite from a mosquito or bee is painful, so are negative emotions. Yet the mind is powerful enough to tell you otherwise. And if you fall for the trap of believing those quiet whispers in your mind saying: "things will never be better", then you're doomed to be a victim of your emotions.
  4. Having a plan - an everyday plan that you can use to monitor your awareness to the changes you're noticing puts you back in the driver's seat.
  5. The best way to build awareness is through Mindfulness. The tools you'll experience in the program offer a place to be centered. Little by little you'll begin noticing changes - to your thoughts, to staying grounded and to feeling more calm.

If you like the sound of this, I invite you to join this program.

It's called "ACT WITH CARE".

It's based on a well-respected process called "Acceptance Commitment Therapy" - ACT for short.

Used by doctors, therapists and coaches worldwide, ACT is based on solid principles using mindfulness and emotional awareness/management techniques.

The program is about change:


While a graphic can make change look simple, you and I know that it's not.


Because learning about something and actually doing it are different things.

That's why we do things differently at the School of Modern Psychology.

Change happens when you mix knowledge with skills, understanding AND practice.


What's in the ACT WITH CARE program?

The ACT WITH CARE program comes with 2 personal 1:1 sessions so you get to talk with someone who's professionally trained and who knows how to companion you wisely so you get the results you want. And more importantly, you get to see yourself living the life you want in a way that's right for you.

In this program you'll discover:

  • How to stop 'fusing' with problem thoughts (and feeling they dominate your days) and what to do instead so you can separate worry and blame from your true identity.
  • How to bring a sense of 'acceptance' to your being through mindfulness and presence-building actions you can practice daily.
  • How to connect more fully with your values so you have a touch-stone to ground you when making decisions.
  • How to get to the heart of hope for a positive future instead of worrying and getting lost in emotions that can feel overwhelming and shut you down.


  1. You'll also receive a detailed workbook to guide you through the process each step of the way.
  2. And a special activities (videos and reflection sheets) to guide you through what your values are.

And remember, having 2 personal sessions with a qualified and professional person can make the difference between going it alone and having someone at your side supporting you through this work.

When you click the button below, you can organise payment and then schedule your first session. Following this you'll be sent a link via email to the online program which you can work through as you're ready, at your own pace.

You may be wondering how this will benefit you.

And this is a great question because when you have the knowledge AND the skills AND the practical support of working with a practitioner who can guide you along the way you're giving yourself the best chance of success.

Ask yourself what you've been doing in the past to help yourself.

Check in with yourself and see if it's been working. If it has, keep doing it - you're on the right track.

If it hasn't been successful, or your want more guidance - then see this as an opportunity to change the old story.

Project yourself forward to this time next year - where do you want to be?

Do you want a new chapter written - or to see yourself repeating the same old story? 

Who is Barbara Grace?

I'm a professional therapist and coach who's helped hundreds of people create change in their lives through using tools that make a difference. Every person I work with is unique - and that's what inspires me. 

I have 2 masters degrees (MA, MEd), post-graduate studies in therapies such as Art Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

Each of the therapies I use in my work are research-based and proven to create results.

Is it time to create the change you want for yourself?

Then let's get started. Click this link now:

ACT With Care
297.00 397.00

I’m so glad you’re here.

The next phase you’re entering will be a positive one because you’ve said ‘Yes’ to you.

That’s the first step in creating change.

Knowing what you want and focusing your attention on it means you’re putting energy around your intention.

Once you’ve organised payment, let’s begin!

Speak soon, Barbara

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Here's what others have said about working with me:

"A pivot point in my life. There was me before meeting Barbara from the School of Modern Psychology - and then there's me now. More open. More engaged. More productive. More happy." Terry B. Melbourne

"Professional help at a time in my life when I needed to find my way. Thank you. The mix of learning and guidance gave me a balanced view." M.D. Canada

"I think my brain has changed! For the good. Barbara's creative insights into problem solving are unique. From finding themes to mapping solutions - I now see 'problems' from a whole different perspective." Sue, London

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