“Relationship Therapist in Geelong’s CBD Offers Hope

Let’s talk. schedule your appointment using the online calendar below.

Let’s talk. schedule your appointment using the online calendar below.

In Geelong’s CBD, relationship therapist Barbara Grace (MA, MEd, Grad Dip CEAT), helps couples see beyond the anger, emotional withdrawal and loneliness to rebuild loving relationships. Couples are discovering how to break negative patterns that can creep into any relationship and learn how to replace them with successful (and proven) strategies. Internationally respected as a change-maker, Barbara Grace offers a masterful guide towards relational fulfillment.

“I didn’t know what to expect. It’s never easy admitting you need help. But with Barbara’s approach - I knew from the first session that we were in professional and capable hands.” Dan & Michelle - Ocean Grove

When Love Feels Cold

“To love” is a skill that is cultivated, not merely a state of enthusiasm. It is dynamic and active. Imbued with intention and responsibility. And it is a verb.” Esther Perel

You never expected to be here. No one does. You started your relationship with love, desire and hope. At some stage most relationships need extra support. It’s a sign of strength and commitment to get the right help so you can move past ‘bumps’ you’re experiencing.

If you’re seeing yourself:

  • Bottling things up and feeling stress invading your body and home life

  • Second-guessing what your partner’s thinking instead of enjoying open and straightforward conversations

  • Compartmentalising your feelings so you’re barricaded behind a wall to protect yourself

  • Holding back from real intimacy for fear of being let down

  • Comparing your relationship to others …

Then you’re in the right place.

At the moment you may feel you have no more to give. You may feel flat. Or as if you're carrying a burden you can't put down - especially if there’s been infidelity or substance abuse in the relationship.

Emotions can feel out of control - tears one minute, anger the next. Emotions are complex and rarely respond to ‘logic’ when your relationship is under threat.

Worse still is watching friends enjoy happiness, fulfillment and connection as you sit on the side lines feeling envious, regretful or even judging yourself as ‘not good enough’.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Your relationship is an investment, you've poured your heart and soul into it, so exploring how you could have a relationship that rekindles the love you originally had will be time well spent.

You may want to explore options without your partner initially, or you may choose to work on your relationship together. Either way you’ll receive a safe and supportive environment that respects your privacy.

When we work together, you'll notice that I use a modern approach. Instead of talking about problems, rehashing arguments or laying blame so the other person finally 'gets fixed' - you'll see yourself talking about your best hopes for your relationship and what they could look like in detail.

The approach we'll use is solution-focused. It's research-based and extremely effective. Regardless of whether your relationship is experiencing infidelity, betrayal, substance abuse, alcoholism or has lost its spark because you no longer communicate in positive and loving ways - I know you'll come away from our time together with a renewed perspective.

A stressful relationship affects everyone around you.

Let's face it, when your relationship is under stress - your whole life feels out of balance. And everyone around you senses it. Your family can feel an anxiousness about you. Your friends hear it in your voice. But most of all you know that every waking moment you're worried about where it may end. And when this level of stress begins amplifying the problems, emotions can skyrocket out of control.

“I felt I was talking to someone who understood what I was going through. Barbara’s wisdom and gentle approach helped me get to the heart of issues and learn new ways to talk that didn’t end up in arguments.” Sue

This isn’t the life you signed up for. Let me help you navigate these troubled waters and see if you can re-awaken a renewed sense of joy and connection.

To start, all you need do is make an appointment.

I’m based in Geelong’s CBD. Appointments are organised through my online calendar. If you prefer, we can also meet online via Zoom (similar to Skype).

Address: 91 Yarra Street, Geelong (by appointment only)

Organise your appointment by completing the form below today, sending me an email: barbara@schoolofmodernpsychology.com to request a specific time or call for a complimentary 10-minute chat (03) 9070 5773 :