Can You Live With Purpose, Make a Real Contribution and Feel Fulfilled as a Life Coach?

You may have noticed in reaching your middle years (40s, 50s and beyond) that you've come to a crossroad in your life and desire more purpose and fulfillment. Most of us reach this point in time. Life coaching or mentoring could complement your skills and amplify your experience as you help others.

At this stage in your life choice comes down to continuing as you have, or reaching inside yourself to finally acknowledge that deeper purpose you've been yearning for - the one you know you were meant to follow - the one that keeps niggling you to search for during those [rare] quiet moments.

The gap between having more meaning and staying where you are can feel more like a chasm.

Time has been the enemy - between work and family there's little left over. When has there been time for you to fulfill your purpose and finally satisfy that nagging voice in your head that's telling you there's more? 

Part of you knows that you're here reading this for a reason.

When the time is right, things have a way of coming together.

The problem is that making different decisions often requires a whole new mindset because "the thinking that got you here won't get you where you want to go".

It's an old saying - popular because it's true.

You may also have noticed your energy declining. Low energy and lack of fulfillment often go hand in hand. Sometimes this is enough of a wake-up call to help you start searching for that missing link.

And as you do begin searching, you may doubt yourself - wondering whether you're good enough. (You are!)

Because the missing link you're seeking isn't within. I've seen too many people learn and learn and learn - and never implement.

Self doubt can be the most insidious evil. It leads to procrastination. It leads to putting off things you know will make the difference.

The only proven antidote will feel counter-intuitive, yet I know its truth.

Once you start studying about human growth and personal development - the nuts and bolts about how to bring about change in your life - the best way to implement it is by sharing your knowledge with others.

That may sound a little scary, but it's a proven way of activating what you've learned.

The longer you 'stay in your head' mulling things over, the longer that 'pause' button remains pressed on your life. And the longer procrastination and self doubt win.

When you take the step to saying 'yes' to yourself and committing to living a life of greater purpose and meaning by helping others, then you can influence:

  • How you and your family relate,

  • How workplace communication can improve, and/or

  • How to assist others break through those 'invisible' barriers that need confidence and courage to be activated.

Having the skills to create change on a personal or a professional level involves 3 stages:

1st stage: Discovering yourself - how your thoughts influence your emotions and in turn your actions. And then learning how to re-program old beliefs around your identity and the environment needed to generate new beliefs that support you.

2nd stage: Acquiring the right tools and processes needed to guide others in a practical and professional way.

3rd stage: Putting it all together so you can build not only a sustainable platform to help others, but also a successful business practice if that's your desire.

Could Modern Psychology coach/mentor training be right for you?

That depends on a number of factors:

  1. What you desire for your life.

  2. How you want to grow.

  3. How you want to use coaching in your work.

Our next coach training program starts soon, to find out more information about what's involved, leave your details below and your name will be added to our waitlist.

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