Do you really know what works when marketing your therapy or coaching practice?

barbara grace

barbara grace

One of the most challenging things to get right when marketing yourself and/or your practice are the words you use to describe your services.

As you know, words are powerful.

They describe hope, pain, regret, sadness and often unspoken desires.

Expressing your understanding of client problems on your marketing material and website, while maintaining a professional stance can feel like you're walking a tight rope.

These skills don't come naturally for most therapists, healing professionals or coaches.

And that's understandable. Your work is in helping others; promoting your services comes second.

I know the challenge of this from personal experience.

I was a marketer before becoming a therapist, working with companies turning over millions to small businesses gaining a toehold in the market.

Yet when it came to describing myself and my services in a way that didn't feel salesy, self-promotional or self-serving, that was a challenge.

If you're struggling with the words to use on your website and you're looking for the most effective and current marketing tools to differentiate yourself and your therapy practice, then please organise a complementary session to talk about your needs.

Here's what others say about working with me:

"Barbara - You are amazing. The Sales Page you put together for me was awesome. I loved the process you have set up, simple. Easy to follow template, helping us to get very clear on Avatar and how we are going to help them. If anyone needs help with a Sales Page ask Barbara, she will help you nail it." Judy

"I was literally blown away by the Copywriting you did for my Sales Page! It was way above my expectations. Thanks so much again!  If anyone is looking for Copywriting service for Sales Pages definitely use Barbara." Dan

When we talk, it'll be your turn to share your challenges while I listen.

Then I'll guide you through a process where you can check your marketing against these effective modern psychology best practices.

If after talking you like the sound of what I'm sharing, then you may choose to take one of our courses or work personally with me to position your practice perfectly.