Is it time to break the anxiety cycle that's keeping you stuck? Is it time to finally get past the noise in your head that's distracting you and causing more stress than you can manage?

When you're coping with challenging life experiences and uncomfortable emotions it can feel as if there's no end in sight. Please know that there is a way to manage stress that’s impacting how you turn up in your personal life, your work life or in your relationships.

 barbara grace ma mE.D. GRAD DIP CEAT

barbara grace ma mE.D. GRAD DIP CEAT

If ...

  • You're experiencing personal challenges

  • Your relationship isn't in the best shape

  • Your working life is causing stress

  • You feel you're not good enough

  • You're overwhelmed and exhausted

  • Frustrated as you feel unheard or no longer believe change is possible

  • Disconnected from friends, family or your partner

  • Unsure of where you're going in life

... then book an appointment and let's talk so you gain a renewed sense of optimism and hope. Hope that any uncomfortable emotions you’re experiencing won’t last forever. They can be managed. You have the power to do change. Let’s talk.

I'm an experienced therapist specialising in helping people manage challenging life situations. Alongside my busy practice with clients from across the world, I also train aspiring coaches and professionals to use Modern Psychology in their work.

How to make an appointment:

Click the link below and schedule a time that suits you.

  • 50 minutes (AU$120)

Please note that all appointments are pre-paid through an online booking calendar. If you need to re-schedule simply use the calendar to change your date/time (24 hours notice is needed to move an appointment).

The reason for this is that I work with clients from around the world. So, if you prefer to meet online (via - similar to Skype) simply let me know and your preference will be noted on my calendar.

If you prefer to meet in person, I'm located in Geelong's CBD:

91 Yarra Street, Geelong 

Metered street parking is available on Yarra street.