"Many people are living in an emotional jail without realizing it." - Virginia Satir Virginia Satir (1916-88) was a family therapist with an eye for seeing what those she worked with couldn't. In her work with families, Satir categorised 5 types of behaviour she noticed people defaulting to.
The beauty of nature is that it offers solutions to most of our problems. It's called 'biomimicry' - more about that later. Whether solving an engineering design problem or a personal one - mimicking biology's elegant ideas can help solve intricate problems. If engineers used biomimicry to solve design problems with the bullet train, this thinking is worthwhile tapping into.
You have a problem. And it's likely you're not aware of it. Here it is: Marketers' tactics are controlling your life. And up to this point, you've had little come-back. Now you do. --- Robert Cialdini, a psychologist and author, reveals how marketers apply psychology to persuade and influence you.
"If you're serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured, and unique individual, keep a journal." Jim Rohn. *** Let's also add creative, insightful and living on purpose to Jim Rohn's list. Call To Action Need to re-focus, re-align or kick-start your life goals?
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So you've got a problem. Another one. It's landed on your lap and you have to solve it. Fast. It may be with your partner. Your colleague. Your boss. Or with getting more sales. Fact is - it's yours. And your back's against the wall. What's the best solution? Answer: Ask the right questions.

Creating original ideas involves these five things: 1. Create more in a set time. Whether it's more ideas. More blog posts. More art. Originality stems from those who create more. Never let perfection hold you back from creating, starting, learning and growing.

Watch this video about how nature offers the ultimate solution to problems. Get your daily living checklist. Discover how to build a more creative mindset that solves problems faster. bit.ly/ultimate-creative-checklist --- Creative people 'borrow' ideas from one field of interest and apply them in another to solve problems. If we stick with 'what we know' and are familiar with we can be blind to new ways of 'seeing'.
Discover how you can think like a creative genius. #5 tips to help you build more original ideas.