A Solution Focused Approach To Greater Joy and Happiness

Using a solution focused approach can shift the way you start the day and help you achieve greater joy and happiness as a result.

Imagine getting up every morning and starting your day with 'Purposeful Intention'. Moments that fill your belly with excitement so you leap from the bed aroused and bursting with energy.

Rather than worrying about problems or concerns, imagine the best version of you experiencing something different.

What's the first thing you'd notice on opening your eyes that would tell you this day was different to any other day you've had in a long time?


If your first answer is 'I wouldn't be feeling tired' or 'I wouldn't be feeling lost' or 'I wouldn't be worried' - that's a good start ...

BUT let me ask you ...

What would you prefer to be noticing about yourself instead?

That you're full of energy? Happy? Healthier? More joyful?

Write down whatever that word or phrase is that's right for you. It's your personal key to change.

What you notice, you amplify

Let's imagine you wrote down that you want to be happier. Who doesn't want more happiness in their life? Most people (including me) are constantly on the lookout to do more things that bring more happiness.

For me, I love learning new things - so I relish the idea of being part of workshops, seminars and conferences where my brain expands with possibilities and tools.

I love going to galleries and exhibitions, discovering how people create and explore ideas. This is the stuff of deep joy for me - literally filling my heart, mind, body and soul with inspiration. So any article, billboard or advertisement referencing these things attracts my attention pronto.

Complement this with walking on the beach, light breeze blowing in my hair and a bowl of lightly steamed fresh vegetables and I'm in heaven.

I wonder what is it for you? Playing sport, listening to music, making art (another of my fave things to do), creating things, writing, meditating, hanging out with friends?

When taking time to notice what makes you happy, and how it presents in your body - you're amplifying all the possibilities and opportunities available to you. In our busy world, we can forget the simple things that inspire us - smiling, helping someone out, calling a friend, writing a card to a loved one, watching a movie or simply reading a magazine or novel.

Paying attention to those small things, the tiny details of our lives that without them would shrivel our lives is the starting point of deep joy and contentment.

You may think this sounds simplistic - it's not. Let me explain further.

Imagine you've discovered an amazing beach that you found by following the hint of an overgrown trail. It was nearly invisible, but you saw the possibility that it may lead to something special.

The first time you used the trail it probably took some work as you climbed over fallen trees and forged a pathway. The next time you used the trail, it would be a little easier. If you took the trail every day for a week you'd notice it becoming wider and easier to walk along. After a month, it would expand so that others noticed it as well.

Most walk past those 'trails' that are open to each of us to discover. It's when you can mindfully be present to moments and notice the rich details leading to new possibilities that you know you're engaging more fully.

You can start today. 

Give yourself a challenge. Begin by noticing at least 3 things that amplify what brings you joy, happiness, health or energy. Treat the exercise as if you're on a treasure hunt - noticing moments mindfully rather than letting them drift by unnoticed.

At the end of the day, write those 3 things you noticed in your journal and for each of them explore the tiny details of what you noticed that caused a sense of joy, happiness, health or energy within.

Amplify this with a moment of gratitude and a mindfully relaxing bath and day one of your challenge is done.

How many days in a row can you continue this practice?

I'd love to hear from you. Please share what you're beginning to notice more of, will you? And how long you're planning to keep this challenge going.